About us

We are the go-to outfit for organized adventure in Memphis.

Delivering customized, all-inclusive indoor and outdoor adventures, City Outpost is a one-stop outfit for outdoor organized adventure. Small gatherings or large corporate groups, every activity is flawlessly well-planned, supremely comfortable, and always inclusive, engaging and colorful, in a way that opens your senses and makes you smile with every sight you see.

Intrepid trekkers ourselves, we established City Outpost in 2016 as a way to bring more adventure to everyone who comes to Memphis, or wants to see where they live and work from a new, inspiring viewpoint. We’re right beside you the entire way, anticipating every move and need, with every supply on hand, ensuring you receive the best, most comfortable adventure experience. We’re pros when it comes to organized outdoor adventures.


Kevin Thompson

Chief Exploring Officer (owner/founder)

We can barely keep the guy in his chair. On any given day, Kevin would rather be out exploring. Biking, hiking, surfing, rock climbing—if it ends with an “ing” he’s probably out on a course or path doing it. A financier by trade, Kevin always welcomed the opportunity to shed the corporate suit and get outside. After years of corporate conference travel, and attending organized afternoon activities hosted in other cities, Kevin got the spark to bring this concept to Memphis—one company providing all your outdoor adventure needs.

In 2016, he fulfilled his lifelong dream and opened City Outpost. Kevin enjoys windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding, biking, running, camping, rock climbing, hiking and just about any outdoor activity that challenges him. As an avid explorer, he also believes in protecting our natural world and demonstrates that through his support of the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Surfrider Foundation.


Tour guides

What makes a good tour great? Our guides. While every one of us is an avid outdoor adventurist ourselves and has been trained extensively to handle groups for the most comfortable trekking experience, we also take great pride in knowing the ins and outs of our city--all the nooks and crannies that enliven your exploration adventure. We’re friendly too, always conducting tours with impeccable Southern style and graciousness. A smile goes a long way, and because we love what we do, it’ll take us on all kinds of great adventures.

Mary Ellen Kelley

Mary Ellen Kelly

Mary-Ellen has been proud to call Memphis her home for close to 20 years, and has been a competitive runner longer than that. She stays busy as an artist, a graphic designer, and a mom to two boys. 

Baker Springer

As a sophomore at Christian Brothers High School, Baker runs cross country and track and bikes at least twice a week. He really loves to be outdoors, especially in the city of Memphis.

Jenna Thompson

Jenna is a designer and professor of architecture at the University of Memphis. She moved to Memphis in 2006 and fell in love with the rich culture this city has to offer. She enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and exploring on her bike.